This is the home of The Darkling, an Australian musician and experimental electronic IDM music composer.
A music video and first album are still being produced, so there's not much to see 'round here yet, but you can recieve regular updates from @shedarkling on Instagram, and more occasional posts to Twitter.

News & Updates:

Music video & single

With the production of the music video seems to be progressing nicely. If we meet our schedule then it should be out some time in January. I'll be releasing the song 'Wish' as a single along with the video, but it'll still be on the album later too.
That's all for now!

Album progress #2

Everything's looking up right now. I'm currently working on getting as much feedback as I can for all of the tracks in order to make sure that they suit. I'm currently up to 11 tracks. I may or may not end up adding more before the release, but even if I don't I'll still need to polish many of the current ones a tonne more before they're ready.
Right now I'm assembling a crew to work on a music video for 'Wish', one of my favourite tracks, which has been fully finished for a while now. If everything goes to plan it should be filmed next month. If the video's ready for release before the album I'll probably release the song with the video as a preview, so look forward to that soon!

Album progress #1

I've been making a few tweaks to the website's design since it went up. Most notably it should now be entirely usable on mobile devices.
Most of my energy has been focused on making the album, which is coming along quite well. Particularly this one track that I felt was quite lacking before, I now have much more confidence in after changing a few aspects of it. I have an idea for a music video that I'd like to film for one of the tracks right now, and if I can make that happen then I'll definitely have to think about more of them from there. Not much good planning your trip to mars before you've landed on the moon, but I would like to have a long-term goal.

We're live!

The website's finally up. The design is nothing fancy, but it should suffice.
Everything's very empty at the moment, but I have been/will be posting on Instagram as much as I can while working on the album. Mostly teasers and the like.